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Our absolutely free Power Drops online Workshop was such a success that we still have people asking to reopen it. As the content of the workshop is still relevant to the new situation we’re all facing now and as I am continuing to get numerous questions on this topic, we have decided to reopen it 🙂

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I will open and make available 3 videos in the next days here on our blog for everyone. However, you will get 3 more videos as well as exclusive information and recipes from my colleagues once you sign up for our Free Power Drops online Workshop.

In this lesson you’re going to learn:

  • WHY we need a contemporary approach to eliminate stress, empower courage, wellbeing as well as support various emotional states with aromatherapy.
  • WHAT you need to finally say goodbye to hours of endless research to find antiviral oils plus get the answers you need right now.
  • And HOW TO apply these new strategies for maximum results with the essential oils you already have as well as how to purify the air and support your immune system effectively without wasting money on new ones.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit from it. REMEMBER to sign up below to our absolutely FREE and fabulous online Power Drops Workshop NOW.

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Here are some comments from people who attended the first Power Drops online Workshop:

“Thank you Melani for this excellent course and access to Dropsmith, which is a genius tool. 😉 Also the pdf on blending is extremly useful! Can’t wait to see and read more! Thanks again!”

– Mateja

“Thank you so much , so informative. Blending safely, I will certainly be making my future blends at a lower concentration.”

– Báirbre


“Wonderful, very interesting, helpful, opening the mind and creativity! Thank You, Melani :)”

– Lina


“Thanks so much for showing us how to create oils with their chemical components. Amazing!”

– Mariana


“Excellent course!”

– Branko


“I really appreciate your words of caution and reminders of the importance of safety. I never thought of how much we would apply an insect repellent in a day, and how this could result in sensitization.”

– Sylvia


“Melanie thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed the workshops and especially Ruta.”

– Bernadette


“I’m delighted to watch your first installment Melani, as always, so interesting, thank you kindly . I really look forward to catching up.”

– Ellen

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