Answering Dr. E. Joy Bowles questions regarding Dropsmith

Melani 4 months ago 4

I don’t know about you, but I still feel post-excitement from Botanica2020 aromatherapy conference 🙂

This year was quite significant for me because I got to hold a Masterclass with the amazing Dr. E. Joy Bowles from Australia. Joy has been very supportive of Dropsmith since the very beginning but also active with her suggestions on how to make the platform better. She had some great questions after my “Answering everything” video on pain and I decided to publicly answer them because I am certain she is not the only one wondering about these things.


I would like to use this opportunity, to thank my dear friend and colleague Dr. E. Joy Bowles, once again, for all her support and the time she takes to monitor my work. I am humbled and grateful for all her effort.

As always, I am curious about your thoughts, suggestions, and questions so please comment below to help better serve your needs.

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