Answering Dr. E. Joy Bowles questions regarding Dropsmith


I don’t know about you, but I still feel post-excitement from Botanica2020 aromatherapy conference 🙂

This year was quite significant for me because I got to hold a Masterclass with the amazing Dr. E. Joy Bowles from Australia. Joy has been very supportive of Dropsmith since the very beginning but also active with her suggestions on how to make the platform better. She had some great questions after my “Answering everything” video on pain and I decided to publicly answer them because I am certain she is not the only one wondering about these things.


I would like to use this opportunity, to thank my dear friend and colleague Dr. E. Joy Bowles, once again, for all her support and the time she takes to monitor my work. I am humbled and grateful for all her effort.

As always, I am curious about your thoughts, suggestions, and questions so please comment below to help better serve your needs.

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  • Eliane

    Thank you!

  • Sylvia

    Dr. Bowles asked some good questions. I too was wondering why they were presented in that order. At first I thought it was that they were the most popular for that condition, but then I noticed that it was related to the Most Recent.
    I don’t know enough to suggest how to rank them but anything that makes it easier to find what we need is helpful.
    One addition I would like is a table of the terms used and their meanings. Such as the term anticoagulant. For example, I am searching for an oil for pain but it must not increase bleeding. This is important for someone who is on blood thinners. I cannot find which chemical constitutes are anticoagulant. When I search anticoagulant nothing appears. So is there another term used in Dropsmith that also refers to a property that is anticoagulant?
    Thank you for your help. Sylvia

  • Jean Channon-Simpson

    Should the terminology be “Dilution” vs. “Dosage” as I thought dosage was used for internal use and dilution for topical applications?
    Re a ranking system: I took a 56 hour course from Dr. Philippe Goeb and Pharmacist Jacqueline Azemar in 1999. Both were from Institute of Aromatherapy Ramashanti whose Founder Chairman is Philippe Mailhebiau. They gave us a suggested range in percentages for each oils’ efficacy and efficiency. Is this a method of interest to you? Add in Robert Tisserand’s safety guidelines for amounts to be used in a final product would give us a range for the amount of each essential oil to be safely used in a blend.


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