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  • A colorful visual representation of your favourite essential oils’ components

  • Research-backed listings of properties and applications for individual essential oils and their individual components

  • Expert research and reports on individual essential oils and their individual components

  • Safety precautions and indications

  • Detailed report using the Pie Graph's method

  • Detailed report using an adaptation from Philippe Mailhebiau's method

  • Detailed report using an adaptation from Franchomme and Pénoël's method

  • Find specific essential oils to your needs using our Filter Tool

  • Create your own blends and share with the community

Dropsmith will help you

  • Compare, blend, learn about EO
  • Understand, define and reference the potential of the essential oils you use
  • Learn about aromatherapy through transparent and easy-to-access insights
  • Get acquainted with your favourite essential oil sellers and connect with them through your own blends
  • Enjoy a deeper understanding of essential oils
  • Keep your own EO and blend online workspace

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The free account is limited to the gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis of all oils available in our database. If you want to access a more specific information like properties, safety information, scientific researches, and much more, please check out one of our premium plans.

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Did you know?

The largest essential oil brands produce over 250 different essential oils every year,
but smaller distillers usually make only one specific essential oil.