A project built on trust and support.


I wanted a simple tool for learning and teaching because I had all these questions myself as a student and a teacher. I could not remember all the answers so I’ve created Dropsmith. Now, with the platform, you have easy access to all of that, as well as the possibility to compare essential oils and make accurate blends. Dropsmith also supports the aromatherapy community through the possibility of sharing blends etc.

Actually, it is a perfect tool not only for teachers but for anybody, who wishes to get the full benefit of their essential oils. In Dropsmith everything is referenced and this is definitely one of the best features, because in the aromatherapy world referencing is sometimes, to say the least, misleading. Moreover, if something is antifungal, it does not necessarily mean it will be effective for your troubles. You need to read the whole article to determine if the property applies to your case: was it applied topically or was it applied in air, how often, what was the dosage etc. I deliberately choose very different genres of books with a completely different take on aromatherapy, that cover different areas in aromatherapy to bring them together in Dropsmith. I was curious to see if they use the same oils for the same issue and it turns out that many times they do but also just as many they do not. I also chose those books because I personally know the authors and trust their quality.

It is remarkable how supportive the authors are by giving me the permission to quote their books and it is quite moving how all these very different people – the faculty professors, the distillers and essential oils sellers as well as many different authors form various corners of the world – came together by sharing their expertise and supporting the idea of Dropsmith because they recognised the potential value and impact it may have on the aromatherapy community. It is with this kind of attitude we can all move forward and benefit from each-other.

It is important not to get scared of using essential oils once you start understanding how complicated things are and can be in aromatherapy but simply use the oils, as well as the information, wisely and safely. With Dropsmith it is easy. You just scroll down to check up on safety, look up research and references for properties and application, which gives you a great start. We now have almost 14,000 references in Dropsmith. Our research is constantly growing as we get new oils in. We are evolving as a community as well and need your support to grow further because, as with everything involving this project, it is built on trust and support. Win-win for all.

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