COVID-19 & aromatherapy: exclusive insights by Ruta Aldonyte MD, PhD and aromatherapist


Today we have a special treat for you – a video form the incredible Ruta Aldonyte MD, Ph.D.

Ruta is a medical doctor, aromatherapist and senior research fellow in the Department of Regenerative Medicine at the State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine in Vilnius, Lithuania. She obtained her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, Sweden and MD from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania). Her expertise includes the implications of aromatherapy in scientific and medical practices, air pollution mitigation strategies, cell biology methods, disease modeling, biosensors, and biomarkers.

How lucky are we to have her do this for us and answer some of the most burning questions (at the moment)!!!

She will start by explaining what Coronavirus (COVID-19) is and how it affects us and then explain how can we use essential oils to support our immune system and respiratory health and much more.

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  • Sylvia Provenski

    Can you explain what “immune showering’ is?

  • Ruta Aldonyte

    I have learned about immune shower from Kurt Schnaubelt ( It is simple and very rewarding procedure. Shortly, while still wet (no toweling) after showering in the morning, you drop 5-10 drops of your favorite oil or blend into your palms and apply it directly onto wet skin starting from the lower part of your body. You start gliding your palms behind the knees, then through inguinal zones, solar plexus, via underarms and reach your neck and behind the ears (I also apply palms to the face). You can also massage some areas for longer time. It is important that skin is wet. It takes a minute or two. Then you stand for few more minutes (breathing :)). Oil makes a thin layer on your wet skin and emulsifies into it (and evaporates at the same time). After that you can use your towel to dry more completely and start your day. Be careful to choose safe oils and start with few drops.


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