Frequently asked questions

What payment options are available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How to make a FREE EO seller account?

1. go to Dropsmith homepage
2. click on SIGN UP button no the upper right corner
3. for Type choose SELLER
4. write your e-mail and password
5. click “create an account”

6. On the upper right corner, you will find a circle shaped icon representing your profile from now on (when you’re logged in).
Edit your profile.
On your profile page under the text “Most popular oils” click on “view all” to view an essential oil search just for your brand. This will be available once you’ve entered your essential oils.

7. To enter and view your essential oils, click on the DASHBOARD (upper left corner).
Here you will find the basic analytics.
Bellow that is a table with your essential oils.
To enter a new essential oil click ADD NEW OIL button.
a. Fill in the general info:
– Please note that names (common and botanical) have synonyms. You can search the database by all of them but the final names that will be showing are fixed for all users (that way essential oil properties available in Dropsmith database are automatically connected to your essential oils).
– Cultivation and odour can be described by more words e.g. organically grown and conventional farming, everything else is just one option.
– Origin place is optional. That is there in case you would like to point out something e.i. Hvar, so on the essential oil view it will show Croatia (Hvar)
b. When you’re finished with general info move to components and fill that out as well:
– Please note that all chemical components are predefined and have synonyms as well. You can search the database by all of them but the final names that will be showing are fixed for all users (that way properties are automatically connected to chemical components).
– In case you don’t have a 100% of compounds or some are unidentified, write in “other” in the search component box and it will automatically calculate the rest of the % up to 100%.
c. At the bottom of the pop-up window, you will find 3 options:
– cancel (if you change your mind)
– save draft (if you’re not finished yet or want to double check – highly recommended)
– publish oil (once you are finished and absolutely sure you’ve got everything how you want it to click on that to publish the essential oil into Dropsmith community)
! Please note that once essential oil is published it can NOT be erased. It can be hidden to prevent from future use e.g. when that batch is not available anymore.

You can view your essential oils when they are as drafts as well. Drafts are not yet available to Dropsmith community. As long as they are drafts you can change them, once you publish an essential oil you cannot change it anymore but only hide it.

– Pencil icon is available ONLY for drafts. Use it to change the contents of essential oil.
– Use paper icon to duplicate the information e.g. for batches.
– Trash bin is available ONLY for drafts. Use it to delete essential oils.
– Eye icon shows that your published essential oil can be viewed in the Dropsmiths community (search etc.). Eye icon is available ONLY for published essential oil.
– Crossed eye icon represents that your published essential oil can NOT be viewed in the Dropsmiths community (search etc.). It will be viewed only if it has previously been included in published blends. Crossed eye is available ONLY for published essential oil.

In case you can’t find your essential oil, chemotype or component please write to

Welcome to Dropsmith.

Where is an overview of all public essential oils and blends in the Dropsmith database?

In the CATALOGUE. The CATALOGUE button is located on the top left corner.

How to use Dropsmith CATALOGUE?

For tips on how to use Dropsmith CATALOGUE click the link below and watch the video.

How do I compare essential oils from the CATALOGUE?

1. Click on the “Add to comparison” link below the essential oil. A blue bar will show up on the bottom of your page showing the essential oil you chose to compare.
2. Add up to 4 essential oils for comparison.
3. Once you’ve chosen the essential oils click the yellow COMPARE button located on the blue bar on the bottom of your page.

What does “Add to my collection” in the CATALOGUE do?

“Add to my collection” puts the chosen essential oil to your personal collection. You can view your collection in your DASHBOARD.

How can I access my DASHBOARD?

Click on DASHBOARD located on the top left corner.


DASHBOARD is your own personal Dropsmith space. Here you can:
1. view your private collection of the essential oils (by adding them from the Dropsmith database)
2. view your private and public blends
3. view the comparisons you’ve saved to your DASHBOARD
4. search for essential oils and blends
5. view new arrivals

How do I view my essential oil collection, blends and comparison in the DASHBOARD?

Scroll down to “My collection”. On the right side of the grey bar, you will find a drop-down menu where you can choose to view your:
1. essential oils
2. blends
3. comparisons

How do I find my profile?

Click on the circle (picture) located on the top right corner.

How do I make my profile information private?

In EDIT PROFILE you will find an icon in the shape of a globe. When it is green it is public, when it is grey it is private. Click on it to change colour. Also, you may choose not to upload any pictures or fill in the contact card if you want more privacy. The only information that is public is your name.

How do I change my password?

1. Go to your profile page.
2. Click on the green EDIT PROFILE button located above your name.
3. Scroll down to “Account details” and click on the arrow.
4. Type in your new password in the “Password” box.
5. Click on the green SAVE CHANGES button.

What is “Quote” in the EDIT PROFILE? Where does the entered text show?

“Quote” is a place where you can say a little bit more about yourself. The text you enter in the “Quote” box appears in the bottom left green box just next to the pictures on your profile page.