Interview – Deby Atterby

Melani 4 months ago 0

In this interview, I too get to know a little bit more about my dear friend and colleague Deby Atterby. Although I know Deby for quite some time now, every time I talk to her I discover new ways she contributed to our community. She is just amazing!

Deby is the editor and publisher of the Aromatherapy Today international journal and that is the initial reason I am interviewing her today. With Dropsmith, we want to bring you information on aromatherapy from different professional perspectives and all corners of the world.

Deby has been an active Aromatherapist and lecturer for over 30 years. She founded the Aromatic Aromathology Therapies business (AAT) with the prospect of providing a forum for Aromatherapists, passionate about their profession and designed to give the opportunity for Aromatherapists on the Gold Coast and in the Northern Rivers district to attend designer workshops in order to maintain their CPE levels in the industry. She also hosts Aromatica Australia, the only independent aromatherapy conference held in Australia. Due to recent changes, we are all facing, the next conference will be online and you can stay informed about it here.

We will add all the links as promised in the video as soon as Deby sends us the information.

Once again, thank you Deby for all your support and words of wisdom.

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