Dropsmith interview - Rhiannon Lewis

Interview – Rhiannon Lewis

Melani 6 months ago 1

This week we will start a new project and that is interviewing some of the most reputable aromatherapists, authors, and educators in our community. Once a month we will release an interview on our blog with one of the authors and/or editors of the Aromatherapy journals we quote at Dropsmith. We would like you to get to know their story and what inspired them to share this valuable information. This way you can also see the diversity of fields and viewpoints we included in the platform and choose what works best for you.

At this ‘fast-food’ day and age, with the internet overwhelming us with information, a lot of times we do not know where the information comes from. Here at Dropsmith, we feel it is of crucial importance we take the time to understand where the information comes from, who shared it, and with what intention as well as giving the recognition and respect these authors deserve for their hard work.

I hope you will enjoy the series of our interviews. We will open with the incredible and inspiring Rhiannon Lewis. Enjoy.

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