With detailed analysis, research and reporting, your essential oils will become an
indispensable part of your user’s aromatherapy aspirations and activities.

Dropsmith’s global platform enables you to:

  • Experience a visual representation of your essential oils’ GC/MS breakdown
  • Highlight and expose your essential oils – their uniqueness, value and quality
  • Reach a better value for your first-time announced essential oils through known and proven effects of their individual components
  • Find new clients and partners
  • Gain detailed insight into the way people use your essential oils
  • Become involved in the definition of a higher standard – help consolidate essential oils and aromatherapy and affirm the aromatherapist profession

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Did you know?

The usage and sales of essential oils are predicted to grow by 100% in the next decade.
However, the use of oils is seldom compliant with research and actual clinical guidelines. Dropsmith changes that.