Meet some of our
happy customers

Caren Benstead

Clinical Aromatherapist, educator and Principal at The Well School – Aromatherapy & Massage

Dr. Guilherme Oberlaender

Medical doctor & clinician

Rhiannon Lewis

Aromatherapist, Educator, Editor-in-Chief of the IJCA and Founder of Botanica Conference

Elizabeth Ashley Starns

Aromatherapist, educator & author

Penny Stadick

Aromatherapist and formulator
from Grounded Owl Botanicals


Western Medical Herbalist, Aromatherapist, products creator and teacher

Marika Fleri

Clinical aromatherapist and complementary therapist at National Cancer Platform & owner of Aroma Hub wellness center

Irma Vyšniauskienė

Aromatherapist and educator

Nancy Lubin & Nyssa Rhiannon Hanger

Nancy Lubin from Intentional Essentials & Nyssa Rhiannon Hanger from the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

Deby Atterby

Aromatic Medicine Practitioner/Clinician, Clinical Aromatherapist, founder the Aromatic Aromathology Therapies and owner, editor, and publisher of the ATIJ

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Dropsmith’s presentation for the BEYOND THE EO RECIPE SUMMIT

Aslı Yazıcıoğlu

Aslı Yazıcıoğlu, Pharm. Msc

Pharmacist, Clinical Aromatherapist,
Educator and Researcher

“Dropsmith’s incredibly fun and colourful look must not mislead you. There is such an intense source of research in the background a place where we all need a more scientific approach to modern and evolving aromatherapy world. You can follow the exact chemistry of the essential oils you use both by lot analysis as well as the current chemistry of your new blend. Knowing the chemistry of the product is essential in terms of efficacy and safety. It is a great luxury to have access to research on essential oils.”

Nina Kočevar Glavač

Prof. Dr. Nina Kočevar Glavač

Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy,
researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical
Biology and chief editor of ‘Modern Cosmetics’

“What the GC-MC profile of an essential oil means to a modern scientist, Dropsmith means to aromatherapy. Or simply put, I see Dropsmith as a powerful tool to strengthen the evidence-based perspective of aromatherapy in terms of its therapeutic value. In addition to its scientific-medicinal context, it should become the leading global platform for essential oil producers.”

Marija Kolarović

Mr. Ph. Marija Kolarović

Pharmacist, Clinical Aromatherapist,
Phytotherapist and educator

“Dropsmith is a true revelation! I use it to help me make synergistic blends for my apothecary (such as vaginalletes, suppositories and aroma cosmetics) and to check up on safety issues. The simple schematic preview is amazing and gives me a detailed overview of essential oil or blend chemistry as well as a very useful summary of properties and application. It is an extremely beneficial tool for any pharmacist and aromatherapist.”

Marika Fleri

Marika Fleri

National Cancer Platform Association
coordinator, Clinical Aromatherapist
and educator

“Dropsmith has exceeded all my expectations. I can save my blends, I can share with the community and I have links to research and evidence which makes it an important tool for me in my clinical practice. It is also helping me to prepare for my aromatherapy chemistry classes and my students are also finding it as an invaluable tool.”



Western Medical Herbalist,
Aromatherapist, Herbal and
Aromatic products creator and teacher

“Dropsmith is one of my favourite databases for my Essential oil blend workshops, product creations and treatments. You can see what you create, and to what effect the combined oils have. In addition, what cautions the oils have on the page including evidence and research data. I find Dropsmith is a very useful tool and aid for people who want to use essential oils safely, being more effective in their work.”

Marco Valussi

Marco Valussi, BSc. (Hons.) Phytotherapy

Scientific director at Gadoi distillation lab

“Dropsmith is an exceedingly useful tool for a producer. It allows me to keep track of all the differences in the composition of the oils we distill year by year, hence to understand the influence of distillation parameters, climatic and plant conditions on my oils. It allows a more rational and precise evaluation of distillation techniques. And it looks nice too!”

Clare Licher

Clare Licher

Researcher, distiller and aromatherapy educator

“As a wildcrafter, researcher, distiller and terroir enthusiast, I love that I can see how the chemistry of a plant changes in different areas of the world.”

Katja Žmitek

assist. prof. Katja Žmitek, PhD

Professor at Higher school of applied sciences

“Dropsmith makes preparing essential oil chemistry class for my university students easier. The abundant amount of useful information is well organised, straightforward as well eye-pleasing.”

Slobodanka Poštić

Slobodanka Poštić

Aromatherapist, aromatherapy
and natural perfumes author and educator

“Whether you are just beginning to explore the aromatherapy wisdom or are already an experienced aromatherapist, do your self a favour and check out Dropsmith! 
You will find a well-organized, user-friendly page bursting with accurate, research-supported, well-presented, useful information. An incredible amount of work, knowledge and competencies were invested in this page. Enjoy using it!”

Carol Rose

Carol Rose

Clinical Aromatherapist
& Remedial Massage Therapis

“A stand-out feature of Dropsmith is direct access to a wealth of evidence-based research about essential oils and their components. An in-depth resource, invaluable for my research, publications and course preparations as well as the global aromatherapy community.”